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RelianSys® Governance Software streamlines the complexities of risk and compliance management. Instead of complexity, you create simple tasks. You can then assign them across your organisation for action and control, and report with our comprehensive range of reports.  The aim is to simply let you deliver a direct line of sight into your governance processes and have a clear snapshot of how your organisation is tracking. To find out more, go to


RelianSys® Monitor
Manage and keep track of all your asset leases and important dates in one simple package. Now when contracts are due, you will know where all the related documents are, escalation alerts to know that nothing will be missed. Simple as spreadsheets, but on steroids!


RelianSys® Governance Software offers a simple and complete solution for compliance, delegations, incident and risk management. It is easy to use, intuitive and process-oriented, so that risk, compliance and delegations management become fully integrated into the way you do business, through the following four modules:


RelianSys® Compliance Management Software integrates your choice of Legislative Compliance Registers, with software that fully automates compliance management. It enables you to stay on top of compliance at the obligation level in a way that at last puts you in control of compliance. Reports that used to be impossible to obtain can now be retrieved in seconds. For the first time, your true compliance profile will be visible. RelianSys® Compliance Management Software supports AS 3806 compliance program requirements..

RelianSys® Delegations Software streamlines the onerous and complex task of creating and maintaining your Delegations Registers. It’s easy to construct and maintain your registers of the functions, powers and conditions delegated to officers. And through our legal partnership arrangements, you can also access databases of delegation provisions. These are available across many jurisdictions and can be tailored to really make them suit your situation. You can retrieve and print up-to-date and personalised instruments of delegation in seconds.

RelianSys® Incident Management Software provides the automation you need to manage incidents properly. Incidents can be raised online from any location, and sent immediately for action and follow up. Evidence you need to capture and store together can be uploaded, and action and follow up is all automated. With the whole process automated, instead of running a paper trail, you can focus on fixing the problem. It integrates seamlessly with RelianSys® Risk Management Software. You can link Incidents to Risks, see the size of a problem, and more accurately assess the risk level.

RelianSys® Risk Management Software embodies the innovative and proven RelianSys® risk management methodology. It enables you to put in place a comprehensive ISO 31000 risk management system, in harmony with your organisational processes. It’s easy to deploy, so you’ll have your staff managing their risks in no time at all. And with the comprehensive colour coded reports, you can view and drill down into your risk status at any time.


RelianSys® Governance Software can solve YOUR governance management challenges. Contact for more information and a product demonstration.